Sometimes as an entrepreneur I can find myself going 437 mph in 13 different directions and think that I am really doing a good job at being busy in my business on a daily basis.  eADHD (entrepreneur ADHD – a term I created) is a real thing.  You probably can’t relate. (insert sarcasm)

The reality of it is, all of the ‘busy work’ that we have in our day to day life doesn’t actually mean that we are being efficient with our time.  Bouncing from this email, to that facebook post, to this blog article, to this meeting, over to that phone call, back to this email, and then oh yea we have to go on that lunch meeting.  

All of these “important” tasks and notifications pull you away from efficiency and are exhausting!

 The goal should not be to do a lot of things, but at the same time the goal should be to get a lot of things done.  Doesn’t make sense?  Let me explain…

Getting into the world of entrepreneurship can be exciting because you get to be your own boss, while at the same time it can be the most exhausting thing you have ever experienced in your life.  Oftentimes the ‘best’ entrepreneurs are not the ones who do the most.  In fact, from my experience in talking to many business owners over the years, the ones that are the most ‘successful’ are the ones who do the least on a daily basis. 

Now how do I define success?  My definition may be different from what you define as success.  

Maybe for you success looks like being the person that likes to have their hand in all of the ‘cookie jars’ of your business  (now I’m getting hungry.. I’ll be right back) and you like to be the one that every decision flows through, and also the one that does a majority of the grunt work.  

But if you are reading this and are a part of this community, I’m guessing it’s because you know there is a better way to achieve ‘success’.

May I suggest to you the that most successful people in business are the ones:

That doesn’t sound like that type of success would suck!  

The next obvious question you may have is,  “tell me o great and wonderful master of ADHD, how do I achieve this life of getting a lot done while at the same time not doing a lot? How do I get rid of my eADHD?”

Well, I am so glad you asked!

Let me introduce you to the ADHD framework for curing your eADHD.  Yes, that’s right, I am going to give you more ADHD in order to get rid of your eADHD

Now before I go through this step by step, I have to give a big shout out to one of my mentors, Dr. Benjamin Hardy. He is the author of multiple amazing books, but the one I reference here is the book, ‘Willpower doesn’t work’.  Reading this book a couple years ago really helped me to realize that certain environments radically improve (or impair) the work that I get done. His book planted a seed that finally sprouted and led to the framework that I am going to share now.

I call this framework the eADHD framework.  

A fitting name for trying to cure the daily hamster wheel you find yourself in, right?  

Going back to this notion of getting a lot done, but not doing it all can be confusing, but the main idea behind this is that you need to incorporate some type of leverage in your life so that you can get yourself into the business owner quadrant (more on this Rich Dad Poor Dad reference in a future article) and not just stay in the self employed quadrant, where you can sometimes be nothing more than a highly paid employee.

The first step in all of this is to take a week and write down EVERY SINGLE THING that you do on a daily basis in your business and decide which bucket in the eADHD framework you are going to put them in.  

A is for Automate

We want things to happen in our business without us even lifting a finger to do them.  When things are happening in your business without you doing them, that means you have begun to build a machine or system, and machines and systems make business owners lots of money!

The first thing that may come to mind is “Mike, I can’t afford or don’t have a software that will do this!”  Well first off I will say, you likely can’t afford NOT to do this.  Remember, part of your ‘success’ isn’t just income related, it’s time and freedom related.  And second, you would be SHOCKED at how affordable some of these softwares can be (When Suzy does this, Tommy automatically is notified and does that).  Whether an online company or a laundromat business, automation will make your life easier.  

Some examples may be a service like Zapier, or IFTTT.  These are softwares that help systems talk to one another.  So maybe when a new client’s information gets entered into your system, an alert automatically goes to a greeting card company that sells hand written cards and your client is sent a card thanking them for their business.  The possibilities are endless.  

D is for Delegate

What is your hourly time worth?  Have you taken the time to sit down and think about that?  Is it $100 per hour?  Maybe $250, $500, $10,000?  What do you think Bezos would say his dollar per hour is worth?  (Ok maybe a little aggressive of an example) How many of these day to day tasks are really worth your time?  I would argue that only 20% of your tasks are responsible for 80% of your results.  

Delegate, delegate, delegate. If there are any tasks that you could pay someone else less money per hour than what your hourly time is worth —- DELEGATE  If you don’t have that ‘someone else’ in your business, then that will lead perfectly into our next part of the eADHD framework!

H is for Hire

I can already hear you.  “I can’t afford…..” “I dont have the time to hire….” STOP IT!!  That thinking is going to keep you in the hamster wheel and stuck on the wrong side of freedom.  The idea of hiring can be scary, I get it.  But it also doesn’t have to be that big of a burden.  Sometimes these tasks can be done by a virtual assistant (VA) and you can find them everywhere from $5 per hour and up.  (Yes that’s $5 per hour U.S.).  

Maybe you need someone who is more of an integrator and it’s more of a salary type role.  Take the time to find this person because the more that you can live and work in your ZoG (zone of genius – shout out to Gay Hendricks and his book) the more you are going to find yourself living in alignment with your true self and the more your company is going to THRIVE.  

D is for Delete

This one can seem overly simplistic, but there are frankly going to be things in your everyday business life that just don’t need to happen.  Sometimes this takes outside eyes to see, but I can assure you that there are things that are just adding complication to your daily life.  Go old school PC on them and ctrl, alt, DELETE them out of your day and out of your life. 

You may need to work on reprogramming yourself not to do things, but in the end, every minute you get back increases your dollar per hour and increases the amount of freedom you can have in your business, and THAT is the goal we are after. 

There you have it! The eADHD framework to free up time, increase profits, and take back your freedom!  If you don’t think that would work for you, you can stop reading now (although that would be very frustrating considering you’ve gotten this far through the blog), but if this is something you think would be beneficial, start today.  

  1. Take inventory of your daily business tasks
  2. Figure out your dollar per hour rate
  3. Put the tasks in their appropriate bucket
  4. Continue to build the machine/system to do the work so that you don’t have to!

Thanks for reading!


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